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All Writers and Readers Welcome.

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Today, it is increasingly difficult to build and captivate writers and readers. Cluttered, distracting websites overwhelm rather than inspire. As a result, talented writers are forced to take on the daunting task of self-marketing. Similarly, readers struggle to find new authors and personalize their reading experience.  

With this in mind, we created Scribe. 

Scribe is THE social network for writers and readers. Scribe provides a simple web-based editor that doesn’t require fancy coding knowledge or hours of complex configuration. 

Scribe is SOCIAL

Scribe bridge the gap between writer and reader. Writers focus their attention on writing; readers easily find the texts they want to read. 

Scribe users interact with writers and readers in multiple ways:

1. Follow your favorite writers. 

2. Share texts with friends on Facebook or Twitter. 

3. Leave comments. 

4. Use Tags to find preferred texts.

Scribe is SIMPLE.

Unlike other writing platforms, Scribe uses a web-based editor that doesn’t require knowledge of design or coding to personalize their reading and writing experience. 

Join Scribe today! 

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