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- Scribe - Best Practices

Scribe - Best Practices

How to make the most of the platform.

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      Hey, fellow Scribers! My name is Steve Scriber. I am the Scribe mascot and your personal guide for using Scribe in the most effective way possible. 

Using Scribe is easy and fun, when you follow these 
8 Easy Steps: 

1 - Discover New Texts and Authors

      Finding new authors is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Use our "Categories" section (next to the "Timeline" section) to discover new texts and authors. Our search engine allows you to search for texts based on the type of text (e.g., poetry, short stories, and articles). You may also search by language, author, title, page views, and most recent. 

2 - Follow Fellow Scribers.

      What do you do when you find an author you like? Follow them! Following a Scriber means that content the author produces will appear on your Timeline. To follow a user, simply go to their Profile page and select "Follow". 

3 - "Share" and "Recommend"

      There are 2 ways to support your favorite authors: "Recommend" and "Share".  Both Recommendations and Shares help expand the audiences of Scribe authors. The difference is that Recommendations stay within the Scribe community, and Shares expand into other social media (e.g., Facebook and Twitter). 

      To "Recommend" a text, scroll to the bottom of the text and click the heart. The number above the heart is the number of Recommendations made by other users. 

      To "Share" a text, scroll to the bottom of the text and click the Facebook or Twitter boxes. You may also select the "..." box in the toolbar, which will navigate you directly to the bottom of the text. 

      Scribers, your support via Recommendations and Shares make a huge difference. Expand author audiences and build our Scribe community. 

4 - Explore Our Text Editor

      The Scribe text editor is equipped with the following tools : 

      a) Bold 

      b) Italic

c) Blockquote

      These tools are meant to make your texts easier to read and captivate your readers. See what combinations you can make and how they impact your texts.

5 - Use Cover  Photos

      A good cover photo can expand your audience three times (3X) over! 

An effective cover will "set the scene" and entice readers. Rule of thumb: people judge a book by its cover. Don't say Steve Scriber didn't warn you.

6 - Are You Status-fied?

      One of the most important tools Scribe provides users is a "See Stats" section. This section can be found in the banner at the top any page on the Scribe website ( When you scroll from left to right, you will find "Language", "My Profile", "See Stats", "Write a New Text" , and "Logout" options. The "See Stats" icon resembles a bar graph.  

     Now that you have found and clicked the "See Stats" section, you can analyze the popularity of your texts. Scribers are provided 4 useful tools to sort their data: "Views", "Unique Views", "Recommendations", and "Referrers" (see below).

      a) "Views"- refers to the total number of times that a text was viewed. If one reader accesses a text twice, both views are recorded here. 

      b) "Unique Views" - the number of unique views for a text. If one reader accesses a text twice, only one of the views is unique. This number indicates the number of people who have viewed your text. 

      c) "Recommendations" - See Section 3: '"Share" and "Recommend"'

      d) "Referrers" - Shows how readers found your texts  (e.g., "Others", "Timeline", "Profile", "Twitter", or "Facebook"). 

7 - Complete Your Profile 

      Always remember to wash behind your ears (just kidding). But, seriously, always use up-to-date information on your Scribe Profile. This includes (but is not limited to) a current Profile Picture and User "Bio".  

8 - Tag, Tag, Tag, Tag and Tag!

      Tags are keywords that relate to your text. When a visitor uses our search engine, our system will be able locate your text more easily. The more tags you use, the more likely your text will appear in a search (though Scribe has a maximum of 5 tags per text). Be sure to use tags that are relevant to your text. 

      Fellow Scribers, these are 8 tips that will help you make the most of our platform.  

If any of you have any questions or concerns, send me, Steve Scriber, an e-mail at

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