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- A social platform for reading and writing

A social platform for reading and writing

Meet Scribe

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Internet now a days..

….For writers:

On the Internet, only a few writers can be read, and even fewer writers can make money from the texts they write. 

Why, in 2014, do writers have no viable way to make money from the massive value they provide for the Internet?

In an environment full of poor design and distractions, just having a blog is not enough to get discovered, let alone make money. 

It seems that the Internet wants you to give up on something you love: to write! 

And readers…

How often have you felt that there is nothing good to read on the Internet? 

There are over 300,000,000 blogs on the internet, and still there seems to be a shortage of quality texts. Websites are scattered and disorganized, making it almost impossible to find texts worth reading. 

Furthermore, why shouldn’t readers benefit from the value they create? 

Readers are responsible for searching, finding, and sharing quality texts. You, as readers, play a key role to the success of the whole network!

To Solve This Problem, We Created…SCRIBE!

Scribe is a social platform for readers and writers. Scribe allows users to benefit from the value they create. Through a system of micro payments via digital currency, users can quantify and monetize their participation in the Scribe network. 

Writers can control when and how to charge for their texts, and readers are rewarded for sharing the texts that get purchased. 

But…Why are we Doing This?

We want to take back control of the Internet for readers and writers. At Scribe, we created a platform with a focus on quality content and user-friendly design, without interference from advertisements. 

To make this possible, we created a system of monetization that empowers both the writer and the reader. All Scribe users have the ability to earn money and bring more quality texts to the Internet. Scribe is social, interactive and ad-free. 

Our mission is to change the way networks see their users. 

You are NOT our products; You are our partners!

Become a Scriber!


On Scribe, it is easy to get inspired and write quality texts. Our web-based editor is user-friendly and ad-free, allowing you to focus on writing without distraction. 


Scribe is the perfect place to discover new authors and content. Search for texts using our “Categories”, “Tags” and “Languages” options. There is something for everyone at Scribe!


Scribe is a social platform! Share, recommend, comment, and follow writers and readers! It is so easy to get in touch with Scribe users and find quality texts! Make friends and find new authors! 

Make Money:

Benefit from the value you create. Scribe allows users to monetize their texts using a digital currency via micro-payments. Users set the price for their texts and can earn money by participating on Scribe, as both a reader and writer.

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